Choose the Right Hunting Seat

Choose the Right Hunting Seat


Take a seat. It’s a term most people have heard many times in their lives. Typically it’s a casual way to invite someone to sit, relax, and stay a while. When hunting, it’s important to take a seat. If you’ve ever propped against a tree trunk, waiting for wild turkeys for hours, or sat on your knees in a deer blind because you didn’t bring a stool along, the idea of taking a seat will ring true for you. Not all hunting seats are created equal. J.J. Reich offers factors to consider when choosing a seat so you can sit and hunt in comfort.

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Your ultimate objective is not only to sit still, but also to stay concealed and quiet. To do this, get a seat that is camouflaged. Also, high-quality padding, high backrests, elbow rests or an extra-large seat size will make a big difference. And finally, look for materials that will not make loud, scratchy noises, and avoid features that produce game-spooking squeaks, pops and clanks. Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to comfort.

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