5 Reasons to Use a Map While Hunting

5 Reasons to Use a Map While Hunting


When you’re lost or looking for direction, there’s nothing better than a map. The same is especially true when you’re hunting. Your next great hunting spot could be within reach with a map and some planning. But did you know having an updated map also can help you gain access to more hunting land? The National Wild Turkey Federation’s J.J. Reich explains how, and offers four other reasons maps mean power.

GPS and binoculars on topographical Map

Having a county plat book or land parcel map that provides names of landowners is a definite advantage, when asking for permission on private land. Other mapping resources lack this information. Land ownership changes constantly and land layout is also subject to modification. Purchasing the latest issue of a county plat book will provide you with these updates while also benefiting you with the new mapping features, indexes and navigational tools added with every new annual edition.

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