Product Spotlight: Turkey Cannon

Product Spotlight: Turkey Cannon


Whether you prepare your treasured fall turkey or feed the family with a harvest from the grocery store, game birds are easily overcooked and can become dry and less tasty than usual. If you’ve encountered this situation previously, give the Turkey Cannon a try; it allows the infusion of moisture from the inside of the birds and helps to keep game birds from overcooking. The idea was inspired by the beer-can chicken technique that has been around hunting camps and backyard decks for decades. Here’s the official information about the product.

DSC_0196Its tube-like design allows users to pour their favorite beverage or marinade inside the cannon. This will add moisture and flavor to the poultry when cooking. The bird simply slides onto the cylindrical tube as it is cooked in an oven or on a grill. The liquid inside the tube begins to steam which helps cook the meat from the inside as well as the outside. Consequently, cooks find the Turkey Cannon reduces cooking time in half (cooks a 12-pound turkey in about an hour and a half), which is especially helpful during the busy holiday season.

“I’ve cooked one chicken and two turkeys using the turkey cannon,” said Pat Schamber, member of the Cooking Club of America. “It cooks super fast. My guests at Thanksgiving loved the turkey and commented how moist the meat was. This was the easiest Thanksgiving I’ve ever had to cook.”

The Turkey Cannon was originally introduced in 2005 as a way to make it easier for barbecue fans to prepare ‘beer can turkey’ or chicken on the grill. Soon after, the infusion roaster became a phenomenon that expanded beyond the niche of die-hard grillers. It remains one of the best and easiest ways to prepare a delicious, flavorful turkey dinner. The stainless steel design will roast anything from a 4-pound chicken to a 20-pound turkey. When the cooking is finished, simply detach the cylindrical tube for cleaning and storage.