How to Buy the Right Blind

How to Buy the Right Blind


You may bowhunt from a treestand or prefer the run-and-gun method, but chances are you’ll hunt from a blind at least a few times in your hunting career. Blinds are especially helpful if you’re hunting with children or other novice hunters that aren’t accustomed to sitting still.

On a recent bowhunting trip to Wisconsin, I discovered an added bonus of hunting from a blind: They offer an extra barrier between the hunter and harsh winds. When you’re from the South and are hunting an area where temperatures dip into the 20s, any little bit of protection from the elements is crucial. Here, avid hunter Matt Coffey shares four tips for choosing the right hunting blind.

Photo by Amazon

Blinds these days are easy to set up, lightweight and extremely portable. My Primos case has padded backpack straps to allow for easy transport and, unfortunately, doesn’t weigh much more than the hunting pack I carry with me. Another great asset is they come in just about any size or camo pattern you can imagine. Small, single-man blinds to large-capacity blinds that are big enough to hold three grown men comfortably are the norm.

Photos: Jason St Peter, Creative Commons (top); Amazon (above)