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Video: Hunters Rescued from South Dakota Blizzard


“I hate hunters,” said the heavy equipment operator with a scowl of disgust. “Who goes hunting in a blizzard? You guys must be crazy.”

Well… guilty as charged. The storm seemed to be subsiding, though, and it hadn’t seemed that bad a few miles down the road, so two rigs of guys headed for a nearby creek bottom to make a deer drive. Unfortunately, the Ford Expedition went off the road and the more the driver maneuvered, the farther from the highway it got. Luckily, we were able to convince the local road-maintenance person to employ his grader, parked just a few hundred yards away. No doubt our hunting enthusiasm got high marks, but the common sense of the matter could have been tragic. However, we did get two bucks before dark. Reportedly, 100,000 head of livestock perished in this storm. Check out the drama and you’ll see why.