Fishing: Lake Michigan vs. the Ocean

Fishing: Lake Michigan vs. the Ocean


In life, there are many “either/or” decisions to be made on a daily basis. There’s chicken versus beef, Coke versus Pepsi, cable versus satellite TV, and many more. Hunters’ decisions are more about Mossy Oak versus Realtree and Mossberg versus Remington. If you’re an angler, you’ve experienced opportunities to make similar choices. One common decision for anglers is lake versus ocean. Fishing at a local lake may not seem as exciting as a deep-sea adventure, but Outdoor News offers 10 reasons fishing Lake Michigan is better than fishing the ocean.

kristenfishingPhoto by The Outdoor News

1.) It’s unsalted

2.) No worrying about pesky sharks eating a hole in your boat, or biting off your leg.

3.) Freshwater lake trout, salmon, whitefish and yellow perch are good eating.

4.) No hurricanes or typhoons to worry about.

5.) A gigantic oarfish will never brush up against your leg.

Whether you live near the ocean, near Lake Michigan, or somewhere far away from both, consider fishing your local lake and keep in mind there are unique benefits to fishing there.

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Photos: Eszter Hargittai, Creative Commons (top); Outdoor News (above)