Three Green Fishing Habits

Three Green Fishing Habits


Waste not, want not. It’s an idiom most people hear countless times as a child, with parents encouraging them to eat all their dinner or save scraps of fabric to use later instead of throwing them out. When there’s plenty, it’s easy to be more wasteful. But when times are lean, it’s beneficial to remember that if you don’t waste anything, you should always have enough. Take Me Fishing offers three tips for decreasing waste with your fishing routine.


With the amount of tackle and gear the average angler goes through on a yearly basis, you could probably stock a small store. Think about all those times you’ve fished with plastic bass baits, been hit a few times, the bait gets torn up, and then you end up tossing the bait out altogether. What about all of the leader line that you have to tie and re-tie after it breaks while fighting a fish or when it rubs against a sharp rock or rough tree limb? Or, here’s one for you, ever have a treble hook pull right out of a lure while you were reeling a fish in? The good news is that you can help save the environment and also save some money in each of these situations.

Photos: Andre Factory, Creative Commons (top); Take Me Fishing (above)