How to Select the Right Trail Cam

How to Select the Right Trail Cam


Researching the best trail camera for your needs before purchasing one is essential and, for many hunters, daunting. All trail cameras are not created equal. And while it may be tempting to assume the most expensive unit will yield the best results, there are cameras to fit each hunter’s budget. OutdoorHub’s Derrek Sigler says that trail camera features have improved while prices have been reduced. He offers a few tips for finding the right trail camera.

Bushnell Trophycam Image by Bushnell

It can be difficult to understand the differences between various units and what sets them apart, so I’ve put together this article to help camera-buyers out… There are key features to trail cameras that determine each unit’s cost. You need to decide your budget and compare that to what you expect the camera to do.

Photos: Bushnell (top); Derrick Sigler (above)