How to Land Swordfish

How to Land Swordfish


Swordfights generally bring to mind swashbuckling heroes doing battle with villains on land or at sea. Roman gladiators, Medieval knights and, in modern times, video games, books, and Renaissance fairs all showcase sword fights. But as deep-sea anglers know, the best swordfights take place on the water, and it takes special techniques and gear to do them right. Sport Fishing magazine’s Sam Hudson asked two deep-sea-fishing captains for their best techniques to land swordfish.


The exceptional swordfishing off South Florida sometimes gets lost in the hustle and bustle of Miami’s and West Palm Beach’s dazzling lifestyles. But many offshore fishermen are catching on, and they’re quickly realizing the fishery outshines anything happening on the mainland.

Just miles off the coast are clean blue waters and deep-water humps that attract juvenile and adult swordfish year-round. Even though the swordfish are there, specialized tackle is required to catch them in depths deeper than 1,000 feet.

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