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Hunters, Steer Clear of Railways


Shooting lanes are prime spots for hunting wildlife, no matter the season. Many wildlife species, including deer, can be drawn to clear-cuts and powerline rights-of-way, where they can see potential predators and escape harm. Hunters and land managers spend countless hours and dollars each year working to clear land and create open areas that will draw wildlife and offer prime hunting. Often, train tracks may seem like the best place to hunt, but Dale Bray, Union Pacific’s director of public safety, advises that pedestrians steer clear of railways.

It can take a mile or more to stop a train, and, by the time a locomotive engineer sees you on the track, it is too late to stop. Locomotives and rail cars overhang the tracks by at least three feet on either side of the rail. If you are too close to the tracks, you can be hit by the locomotive or a rail car.

Photos: Jim Mead, Creative Commons