How to Properly Set Up Your Bow

How to Properly Set Up Your Bow


When getting ready for a bowhunt, setting up your bow is critical to your success. You can wear the right camouflage and scents, have big bucks on your trail camera, know their location, and position your tree stand in a prime spot. But when it’s time to take your shot, much of your success will depend upon your bow. American Hunter‘s Bill Winke says, “Remember, if it can go wrong, it will. Here’s how to set up your bow so it won’t.”

WinkeShots-47 Photo by Bill Winke

The most overlooked accessories on any bow are the string and harnesses. If they stretch, your accuracy will suffer badly. I always use the best bowstrings, like those from Fuse and Winner’s Choice.

The idea is to eliminate stretch and twist even in rain and heat. The string and harnesses are critical to an idiot-proof bow, so don’t skimp. If you find your bowstring is not of a custom caliber, take it to the shop and have them install one. As a side benefit, a no-stretch string allows you to forgo rubber tubing to align your peep sight. That’s good, because tubing often breaks.

Photos: West Houston Archery (top); Bill Winke (above)