10 Tips for Tree Stand Safety

10 Tips for Tree Stand Safety


Hunting from a tree stand can give hunters an advantage by offering a high vantage point from which to spot deer, especially in areas where the land is flat and the ground cover is thick enough to restrict a hunter’s movement. Many hunters spend hours, if not days, choosing the right tree stand. In addition, deciding where to place a stand takes careful planning and consideration if you want a quality spot where you’ll have a good chance of arrowing a deer. When planning to hunt from a tree stand, keep the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ 10 tips for treestand safety in mind.

9203843-large Image by Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

An estimated 50,000 archery deer hunters will climb into tree stands in Iowa, and an untold number will fall. One in every three hunters who hunt from a tree stand will fall at some point in their hunting career, and of those, 75 to 80 percent occurs while ascending or descending the tree. Nationally, 300-500 hunters are killed annually in tree stand accidents and another 6,000 will have tree stand related injuries.

Always wear a full body harness, also known as a fall arrest system, when you are in a tree stand, as well as when climbing into or out of a tree stand. Make sure it is worn properly. Tree stand harnesses have an expiration date and should be replaced when they expire and/or if a fall occurs.

Photos: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (top); Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (above)