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Make the Transition to Fall Bass


Fishing for bass in the fall may seem like a completely different task than spring fishing. But Captain Jake Davis, a professional fishing guide, says bass will typically follow the same migration pattern in spring and fall. Identifying this pattern, Davis says, is a good place to start looking for bass this fall.

1380664889_3216802_joe_wahbee_1_oct_2012_005 Photo by Bassin on Guntersville

Bass feed heavy in the Fall preparing for the lean winter months that lay ahead. Fall fishing can be very similar to spring fishing with a couple of twists. My intention here is to share with you some of the techniques and patterns that help me put fish in the boat during this time of the year. It doesn’t always mean that there will be a hungry bass next to every log, under every boat house, hiding in every weed bed or suspended off every creek channel point.

Davis explains where to start your search, his top bait choices, and what to do if the fish stop biting.

Photos: Maryland Department of Natural Resources (top); Bassin on Guntersville (above)

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