LimbSaver Works to Silence Bow’s Release

LimbSaver Works to Silence Bow’s Release


Since even the fastest arrows fly at half the speed of sound, the “twang” of a bow’s release will reach a game animal before the arrow, no matter what the range. Often called “jumping the string,” the sudden sound of an arrow launch often causes deer to duck, causing the shaft to fly over its back, even when well aimed. Solving this problem was a primary motivation in the development of the LimbSaver company, which offers a variety of devices intended to reduce vibration and the sound of a bow’s release.

WV Deer 2013 025On a recent West Virginia bowhunt I met Sam Zirkle, a man of Sioux descent who exemplified his heritage by hunting with a longbow and utilizing a classic Native American (fingers under) release. As traditional as his gear was, I was surprised to see a LimbSaver Dampener on each limb. “The bow used to be quite loud upon release, but these (dampeners) quieted it right down,” he told me.

LimbSaver offers the Broadband Dampener to fit any bow, and a pair of the inexpensive dampeners can give you the confidence that a buck won’t jump your string at the moment of truth. Here are the details:

broadband_split-blue_4022The Broadband LimbSaver has been engineered to function within a specific broadband frequency of 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz. The combination of the NAVCOM ring and the center dampener produce the broadest frequency response of any existing dampener. Unlike other bow dampeners, the LimbSaver Broadband fits every split or single limb bow which, for bow hunters, takes the guesswork out of it. The Broadband offers a very low profile, is easy to install and comes in a variety of interchangeable colored broadband rings. Colors include: black, blue, camo, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow. MSRP is $19.99 for solid, and split Broadband LimbSavers are $24.99.