How to Troll with Snap Weights

How to Troll with Snap Weights


It’s common knowledge that to catch fish, you have to locate them and fish at the correct depth with the right setup. Fishing with a bait at a certain depth can be a challenge for any angler. OutdoorHub’s Dan Armitrage calls fishing at a certain depth while trolling “an art” and explains ways to set up for success.

OR20-Pro-Weight-System-800x600 Photo by Dan Armitrage

Come October, the game fish we target often demand that the baits be presented at a precise depth or they simply refuse ‘em. To do so from an anchored or slow-drifting boat, you can vertically jig using a set length of line or use sliding bobbers set to hold the bait at a particular depth. Late in the season, however, fish can be scattered as waters cool, yet holding at precise depths, and trolling may be the best way to locate pods of active, feeding fish.

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Photos: Minnesota Deaprtment of Veterans Affairs (top); Dan Armitrage (above)