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Teton Tested: Limbsaver Kodiak Crossbow Sling


Carrying a crossbow in the field can be tiresome. Just like a rifle or bow, if you’re holding onto it while meandering through timber, climbing rock ledges, or navigating through the dark, your hands are occupied. Worse, they can become cramped, reducing your chances should a sudden aiming situation present itself. My recent Teton elk hunt had all of these navigational scenarios, and we were likely to encounter game at any moment. The pistol grip of the Mission MXB-320 was a huge help and allowed me to carry the bow with one hand and vary my carry positions. However, a light went off when I tucked the Limbsaver Kodiak Crossbow sling under the chest strap of my Easton backpack.

th[7]The Limbsaver Kodiak has special striations to keep the sling on your shoulder, while the chest strap of the daypack provided complete flexibility. I climbed an hour each morning and practically forgot that I was carrying a crossbow over my shoulder. When daylight arrived, I cocked the bow and put it right back on my shoulder, where it could be loaded with a moment’s notice. In steep rugged terrain, you may need one or both hands held forward for balance, for holding onto limbs and saplings, or to grasp a walking stick. The Limbsaver sling was hugely helpful.