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Prep Your Camp for Hunting Season


As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It couldn’t be more true than when it’s time to get ready for hunting season. Checking a hunt camp or lease for needed repairs before the season begins can help maximize hunting opportunities and minimize the possibility of running into a major problem later on. From testing batteries in flashlights to exterminating unwanted pests in your cabin, the National Wild Turkey Federation explains how to get your hunt camp ready.

Getting ready for the hunting season is a lot of work. But every hour you spend getting ready for the season will mean precious time in the field enjoying the hunt and less time fussing with the million of things you forgot to do in the preseason. Here are a few things to tack on to your to-do list. Get the camp ready for the season. Whether your base camp is a tent, cabin or motor home, nothing beats being prepared before the first shot rings in the season.

Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department