How to Bowhunt Birds

How to Bowhunt Birds


Many hunters become bowhunters to extend their hunting season beyond rifle or shotgun season. Some like the aspect of shooting a traditional bow instead of a gun, while others simply enjoy the additional challenge of hunting with a bow. Though bowhunting is most commonly associated with deer and other big-game animals, some hunters use stick and string to hunt birds including quail, chukar, and in-flight pheasant. James Swan explains how to bag birds with a bow.

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I’ve heard that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. And surely if you want that bird in the bush to be in your hand, your chances are certainly better if you are planning to shoot the bird with a 12 gauge and #8s.

Accurate wingshooting of flying birds with a bow requires being ready to draw, shoot, and release quickly and with centered concentration. A compound bow might work, but you never quite know for sure when the bird will flush and trying to walk with a drawn compound bow is beyond my comfort level.

Photos: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism (top); OutdoorHub (above)