Southern Gators Break Records

Southern Gators Break Records


Mississippi may be known mostly as the birthplace of Elvis Presley, and for the infamous Mississippi River, but now “home of record-breaking alligators” can be added to the list. The first weekend of the state’s alligator-hunting season saw multiple records set, one of which lasted little more than an hour before being broken. Mississippi news station WLBT reports:

alligator-brockman-800x517 Photo by MDWFP

Beth Trammell took the 13′ 5.5″, 723.5-pound alligator in the early morning hours Sunday in Issaquenna County in the Yazoo Diversion Canal north of Redwood. It broke the previous record of 697.5 pounds… Mississippi Alligator program coordinator Ricky Flynt says one hour after he certified Trammell’s record alligator, he certified another record-breaking gator.

Dustin Bockman, a UPS driver from Vicksburg, took the 727-pound alligator in the Mississippi River near the Big Black River in Claiborne County. It was 13′ 4.5″ long.

Photos: NRA Blog (top); Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (above)