49 Marlin in One Day

49 Marlin in One Day


A great day on the water doesn’t necessarily mean an angler has caught a lot (or even any) fish. But pulling in a worthy catch certainly adds to the fun and excitement of a fishing trip. Just ask this family near Virginia Beach, Virginia,; they experienced the thrill of catching white marlin 49 times in one day. Lee Tolliver reports:

Catching 49 fish of any species would be considered a great day on the water.

But when a team of anglers catches nearly 50 white marlin in a single trip, well… that’s taking “great day” to an entirely new level.

That’s what the Downs family of Virginia Beach did [Sept. 8]. While fishing on the Waverunner III with Capt. Pat Foster, five family members caught and released 49 white marlin.

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Photos: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration