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Elk Camp and the Camo Bikini Bottom


Elk camps can have great antics, yet few compare to the camo bikini caper. Here’s how it happened: On the way to our Idaho elk camp, we stopped at Cabela’s in Boise to pick up some last-minute items. Near the register we spied a special sale on ladies’ camo bikini underwear. A buddy suggested, “Why don’t you buy a pair and if anyone misses an elk, they’ll have to wear them for a day?” Done!

Idaho Elk 2009 154That evening, we all convened at camp, where the ladies’ undies were revealed, along with the proposition that any misses meant dressing like a Mrs! With great levity, everyone was in. The next morning, the group scattered to bivouac areas high in the mountains and returned three days later, exhausted but with great tales to tell. One such misadventure included an elk at five yards. “The bull stopped, nearly in touching distance, behind a log,” said the completely frustrated hunter. “I aimed carefully and put an arrow solidly into wood. How could I miss?” he ranted.

Within a minute of hearing those words, we brought out the camo bikini bottom. The hunter ripped the garment away and storm off, pouting, to his tent. But minutes later he emerged, wearing tight black boxers (thankfully) under the bikini bottom. The camp went crazy. People fell from chairs and lay on the ground laughing at the sight, made even more humorous by the normally conservative individual who seemed to relish in the stunt. Forget touchdown dances, this was crazy!