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Top 3 Big-League Hunting Bargains


As with any sport, you can spend thousands of dollars every year on hunting. New camouflage, scents, stands, calls, and other costs add up quickly. And similar to other sports, it’s easy to assume that the more you spend — especially on big-ticket items — means you’ll have more success. However, just as buying the most expensive set of golf clubs won’t guarantee a hole-in-one, items that cost less can perform just as well as their expensive counterparts. Field and Stream‘s Dave Hurteau explains how you can hunt for years on $2,000, starting with guns and bows.

“…I wrote that the 12 bargain gear items featured (all totalling less the 2K) ‘are either very good or shockingly good for the price and will keep you in the game for seasons to come. How do I know? I’ve tested almost every one…’ Last year I tested bows for $300 and under, and the Encounter came out on top. I don’t believe you can find smoother, quieter, more forgiving bow for less.”

Photo by: 401(K) 2012, courtesy of Creative Commons

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