How to Bowhunt Early-Season Deer

How to Bowhunt Early-Season Deer


You’ve waited all year for this. The summer has been long, hot, buggy, and filled with anticipation for bowhunting deer. When the season opens, hunters will take to the woods in hopes of arrowing a buck, and if you know how to hunt early-season deer, you’ll likely add a new mount to your trophy wall. Mossy Oak Pro Parrish Elliott shares four tips for taking early bow season deer.

elliott1_hdr Photo courtesy of Mossy Oak

Hunt the edges of agricultural fields at the beginning of bow season, until the white oak acorns start to drop, or until there is no-more food left in the agricultural fields, since the deer feed there all summer long. As long as there is something green to eat or soybeans or corn in those fields, the deer usually will stay and use these fields as a primary food source. However, when the white oak acorns begin to drop, the sound of those acorns falling is like music coming from the popsicle or the ice cream truck. The deer just have to go to them.

Photos: Michigan State University (top); Mossy Oak (above)