Five Summer Redfishing Tips

Five Summer Redfishing Tips


Redfish are fun to catch and good to eat, making them popular among anglers. These fish also are known for fighting hard and being willing to take many kinds of bait. If you’re looking for an exciting, saltwater-fishing trip, consider angling for redfish and keep Take Me Fishing’s secrets to summer redfish success in mind.

Keep a sharp eye out for water movement. Pushing water or breaks on the surface can be a sign of schooling or tailing fish. When redfish are tailing on the flats, this means that the fish are feeding with tails up and heads down towards the bottom as they search for crabs, shrimp or minnows. You’ll know you’ve come across a redfish if you see the signature ringed spot or spots near the base of the tail fin.

Be sure to check your state’s regulations regarding redfish before you head out on the water.

Photo by: Take Me Fishing