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Cool Threads for Hot Hunts


Dressing for hot weather for traditional summertime activities is easy — flip-flops, shorts, and a T-shirt are the norm. Dressing for hot-weather hunting is not so easy. You won’t be enjoying those lazy days of summer; instead, you’ll be hiking and perhaps climbing, activities that can easily leave you in a ball of sweat. Aside from scent contamination, you’ll need to cover your body for camouflage and protection from insects and direct sunlight. Dressing for hot weather falls into one of two fashion buckets: Tight-fitting synthetic clothing like Under Armour and loose fitting fabrics that allow for easy air flow. Whichever program works best for you, the folks at Mossy Oak offer a variety of products and patterns for early-season hunting; here are a few examples:

0407-m2d[1]Treklite: Made of an advanced ultra-light nylon, the Treklite series is a complete line of apparel designed for hunting in diverse conditions. The quick-drying fabric won’t soak up perspiration, and the breathable mesh vents constantly circulate air to keep you cool and dry. Treklite is perfect for days that start off cool and end up warm by the time you leave the woods. With roll-up sleeve tabs and mesh vented back, you’ll stay cool in the hottest environments. Two bellowed chest pockets with ribbon tabs and Velcro closure can store your essentials.

ps1228131-941_f[1]Under Armour EVO Scent Control L/S Crew: Exclusive UA Scent Control technology works to keep you undetected on the hunt. Lighter, quieter, and lasting ten times longer than traditional carbon scent management, UA improves your ability to stay completely hidden. The smooth, soft HeatGear fabric also keeps you comfortable and focused, either alone on warm days or as a layer later in the season.

0605-m2d[1]APX Vaportec Base Pant: Russell Outdoors base layers feature an innovative design that wicks moisture from the skin and transports it through the fabric. Base Layers are designed to keep you warm and dry on cool days and cool and dry on hot days. These base layers are designed to fit snugly, not tightly — the quick-drying fabric will keep you comfortable all day and night.


For much more hot-weather gear, visit the Mossy Oak store.