Salmon Fishing’s Hail-Mary Pass

Salmon Fishing’s Hail-Mary Pass


How many times have you fished for and caught salmon with the exact setup and technique you planned to use? Chances are, you’ve likely had to change your plans quite often to catch fish. How many times have you exhausted the options, thrown up your hands in near defeat, made one final cast, and reeled in a big one? During a recent fishing trip in Iceland, Field and Stream‘s Kirk Deeter learned the value of casting for salmon even when you doubt it’ll work.

Sometimes, you just have to make a “what the heck” cast. I recently returned from a remarkable adventure to Iceland, where I was primarily fishing for large brown trout. I did take one day, however, to salmon fish on a beat at the mouth of the LaxĂ  (Salmon River). There’s an impressive waterfall there where fish stage as they run in from the ocean. Standing on the cliff next to the falls, guide Asgeir Steingrimsson suggested that I dangle the fly in a slick behind a rock. So I did, which was like dapping the fly from three stories above. Sure enough, it got bit.

Check out Deeter’s simple tips for making a “what the heck” cast.

Photo: Kirk Deeter, Field and Stream