Get the Edge with This Lifelike Dove Decoy

Get the Edge with This Lifelike Dove Decoy [VIDEO]


Dove season opens soon. As with any hunting season, preparation before opening day is important. Plan your hunt, ready your gear, and don’t just wing it — unless you’re talking about the new, lifelike Wing-It dove decoy by Hunter’s Edge. The company released the decoy and accompanying Feeding Frenzy base to mimic dove movement and draw birds to your hunting site.

Hunters-edge-decoy-dove Photo by Hunters Edge

The Wing-It Decoy has a lifelike body that is hand-painted with seven different colors to give it a realistic dove look. As with any decoy, movement is key. That’s why the Wing-It decoy is equipped with patent-pending photographic wings that flap even in the slightest breeze… To complete your decoy setup, the new Dove Feeding Frenzy is a must for simulating doves feeding on the ground. This product features a motorized base that rotates three Wing-It decoys in a circular jumping motion. The Wing-It Decoys’ wing and body movement mimic typical dove behavior, such as the females trying to feed, while the males chase and fight one another.

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Photos: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (top); Hunter’s Edge (above)