How to Prepare for Storms at Sea

How to Prepare for Storms at Sea


Being at sea far from land with nothing to view but sparkling water and breathtaking scenery is exhilarating, but stormy weather can put a quick end to a relaxing day at sea. It’s important to keep a close watch on weather conditions and take precautions for your safety. Sea Tow offers nine storm preparation tips for boaters in case the sky darkens and the waters get rough.

Store the boat’s important documents, including your marine insurance policy, in a secure place off the vessel.

Remove all detachable items from your boat, such as canvas, sails, cushions, fishing rigging, portable electronics and antennas. Lash down everything that you cannot remove, including booms, tillers, wheels, etc.

Make an inventory, preferably by video, of all valuable fixed items that remain onboard, like chart plotters and other marine electronics.

Photo: Kay Gaensler Photography, Creative Commons