Bowhunting: Are You Overpracticing?

Bowhunting: Are You Overpracticing?


Everyone who has ever mastered a skill has one thing in common: practice. They’ve likely practiced when it meant getting up before the sun and toughing out heat, cold, and rain. Because it’s common to believe practice makes perfect, they’ve mastered their skill even when it meant practicing when they would rather being doing something else. For bowhunters, there’s no doubt that practicing is vital, but Tony Peterson says the debate about the correct amount of arrows to shoot per practice session is livelier than most would think. He suggests measured practice for bowhunting.

Measured Practice Bear Target Photo by The Outdoor News

Some bowhunters are of the opinion that shooting until your arm aches is OK because that means you’ve shot a lot, and shooting a lot is good. The race to see how many arrows can be fired might work for a select few but not for most. The other side of the coin is the archer who argues that taking one good shot a day is the best way to prepare for the season. While it’s theoretically sound considering you’re likely to only take a single shot when you’re actually hunting, I don’t buy this method either.

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Photos: TravelKS, Creative Commons (top); The Outdoor News (above)