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Hot Threads for Cool Ladies


Duck Commanders has changed the world. Who would have thought that a group of guys in camouflage and full-face camo would garner such attention from the mainstream media? Wearing camouflage is definitely cool these days, and Girls with Guns is the latest entry on the female side. Whether you’re a lady who wants to look fashionable and fit for the hunt or a guy who wants to keep his gal in the game, check out this latest clothing line for women:

Eden 09 02 165For girls and women who like to show their love for the outdoors in their everyday lives, there’s Girls With Guns (GWG) clothing. Designed by women, for women, Girls With Guns offers casual, fashion attire for ladies ages 12 and up. “Being women and hunters, we wanted to create a line of clothing that combines our passion for the sport of shooting and hunting as well as our flair for fashion,” said Jen Adams of GWG. “Girls with Guns lets women show their love for hunting and shooting in an edgy way. Our line was created for all women from the avid hunter and shooter to the fashionista, all of this while keeping them warm and looking good! We really like featuring Mossy Oak’s camo patterns in our designs to give the clothing a fashionable and edgy look for outdoors-minded women,” added GWG’s Norissa Harman.

For the full line of Girls With Guns clothing and accessories, visit gwgclothing.com.