22 Must-Haves For Your Next Boating Trip

22 Must-Haves For Your Next Boating Trip


There are seemingly endless reasons to take a boat out on the water this summer. Boaters can beat the heat, make lasting memories, view scenery from a different perspective than is available on land… the list goes on. But as with any potential adventure, a boating trip can quickly turn sour for the unprepared. Whether you’re new to boating or enjoy many days on the water, check out Take Me Fishing’s list of 22 boating necessities before you head out.

TMF_Two_Fishermen_Photo by Take Me Fishing

The day before a boating or fishing trip can be busy considering the planning that is required. Take full advantage of the time you spend on the water by being adequately prepared for a variety of situations that may come up. It’s fairly easy to avoid bug bites, motion sickness, hungry kids and soggy shorts. Just print or write down this handy list of 22 items to bring along before heading out on the boat.

Photos: Bisayan lady, licensed by Creative Commons (top); Take Me Fishing (above)