Bass Lures: Noisy vs. Quiet

Bass Lures: Noisy vs. Quiet


Anglers often want to know whether they should fish with noisy or quiet lures. A lot of factors come into play, and there is, of course, no one-size-sits-all answer. But Terry Tuma says there are a few questions any angler can answer about the conditions they’re fishing in to determine whether they should stick with stealth or bring the noise.

fishing from dock Photo by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Matching the mood of the fish has been my mantra for years for any species. It simply means using baits and lures to capitalize on fish behavior. When for example, should we use noisy versus quiet lures? Let’s start by answering that question. In darker water, use noisy lures… Follow a quieter protocol in clear water and pressured lakes.

Feature photo by: Bassmaster