Keep Your Optics Afloat

Keep Your Optics Afloat


Vero Vellini, maker of the Vero Vellini Marine Binocular Float Strap, reminds boaters to pack life preservers for everyone aboard their boat — as well as for binoculars, cameras, and other optics. Since boaters capture memories on their camera and enhance their boating experiences with radios and GPS devices, it makes sense to keep these items from sinking if they end up in the water.

Vero-Vellini-bionocular-float-strap-400x449 Photo by Vero Vellini

Crafted of extra-thick Neoprene padding with safety-orange jersey material on either side, the Vero Vellini Marine Binocular Float Strap is easy to see if it goes overboard and easy to grab with hands or a hook, so your precious items can be brought safely back onboard. The 15mm-thick and 65mm-wide Neoprene strap is designed to keep afloat a 7×50 or equivalent-size binocular, camera or handheld item and it’s soft design also feels exceptionally comfortable around the neck. The comfort of the Vero Vellini strap is extremely important after a long day in the sun.

Photo (top): Boat U.S.