4 Sites for Threads with Killer Good Looks


Gents, if you’ve ever dressed your favorite lady in your camo clothing, the results were probably pretty dismal, no matter how beautiful she is. Face it, women aren’t shaped like men and most don’t want to look like a male leaf, twig, or tree. And ladies, we apologize for putting you through that.

Fortunately, several companies have introduced products specifically for women, and don’t be surprised if these images warrant a double-take. Better yet, check out these sites and see how a female hunter can dress appropriately. Even if one isn’t a hunter, heck! you don’t have to catch a touchdown pass to wear a football jersey. Get her in the game!

Hunting Legends 4 025 - CopyProis Hunting. This clothier offers a full line of women’s camo and outdoor gear. www.proishunting.com

SOLA: The folks at Scentblocker build the same elements of their best hunting gear into threads designed for women. www.robinsonoutdoors.com

Rocky: They say no woman ever has enough shoes. Well, now you can go to town with hunting boots made specifically for women. www.rockyboots.com

Under Armour: The company’s camo for women include clothing that eliminates human scent and offers protection against foul weather. www.underarmour.com