Oklahoma Lakes Stocked with 2.2 Million Fish

Oklahoma Lakes Stocked with 2.2 Million Fish


A record-setting stocking of 2.2 million largemouth bass into 44 Oklahoma lakes will increase the potential for trophy bass production for many years, according to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. The Florida-strain largemouth bass used in the stocking effort are typically held in high esteem by anglers for the fish’s tendency to reach larger sizes than the Northern species of largemouth bass typically found in lakes nationwide.

Cliff Sager, a senior biologist with the Wildlife Department, said this year’s exceptional FLMB production at three of the state’s fish hatcheries doubled what would be expected in an average year.

14lbbass20100402011 Photo by Outdoor Alabama

Oklahoma is really right on the line of where you can expect Florida bass to be successful. Lakes in the southern half of Oklahoma have shown much greater success in sustaining Florida-strain bass. There’s a reason Cedar Lake (in southeastern Oklahoma) has broken the state record the past two years.

Sager said growing trophy bass in a particular lake “is an eight- to 10-year investment.” Therefore, the Wildlife Department concentrates on the waters that hold the most promise for producing trophy bass.

Photo by: Alabama Deparment of Conservation and Natural Resources