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New Product For Your Fall Buck Hunt


If the way to bag a buck this fall is by appealing to his stomach, you’re in luck. As you plan and plant your food plots for fall, American Hunter recommends that you consider Heartland Wildlife Institute’s new Buck Buster Extreme, a custom food plot seed blend that’s designed to maximize attraction during the hunting season. As you get out your hunting gear, tune up your bow or firearm, and hang your treestands, don’t forget to pay extra attention to your food plots.

BBB45 Buck Buster Seed Blend

Designed to be planted in the late summer or early fall, each of the plant varieties in Buck Buster Extreme have different periods of maximum attraction, resulting in deer visiting more often and staying longer. The blend is overgrazing tolerant, and is ideal for areas with heavy deer concentrations.

Photo by: U.S. Fish and Wilflife Service