Fishing Fun for the Whole Family

Fishing Fun for the Whole Family


While school is out and the daily vibe is generally more relaxed than the rest of the year, summer is a prime time to have fun with your family. If you’re looking for fun family activities that don’t involve standing in line for hours at the theme park or buying $50 worth of gold tokens so your kids can win $3 worth of tickets, Andy Whitcomb of Take Me Fishing suggests fishing for chub.

CreekChubWhopperE Photo by TakeMeFishing

Anglers often debate which fish fights the hardest, but pound for pound, or in this case, ounce for ounce, the creek chub is worthy of this debate. It is an aggressive feeder and once hooked, refuses to quit fighting. To set up your kids with some great fun, dig out your tiniest hooks, hopefully size 10 or smaller. I also grab some of the diminutive bobbers that are used for ice fishing or drifting jigs for steelhead. Little pieces of earthworms or grasshoppers will attract these sturdy minnows, which usually are no more than about 7 inches, but may reach 12 inches in larger streams.

Photo by: Take Me Fishing