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Best Soft Baits for Bass


If you’re a bass angler, chances are you have your favorite baits that entice bites even under less-than-desirable conditions. Soft plastic baits come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from simple worms to lifelike frogs and bright crawfish. Since not all soft baits are created equal, and it’s often tough to decide which ones to buy, the pro staff of Fishhound.com and award-winning outdoor writer and editor Dan Johnson compiled a list of 10 top-producing plastic worms, creature baits, and swimbaits that anglers heading out today should stock up on.

The reintroduction of the 12-inch Berkley Powerbait Power Worm gave a nod to anglers who prefer softbaits for situations when monster worms rule. The sickle-shaped tail produces plenty of commotion for attracting bass in muddy or stained waters.

Photo by: Fishhound.com