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15 Tips to Help You Select the Best Livewell


No matter the type of saltwater fish you’re angling for, your best bet is to use live bait. If you’re using live bait, you’ll want to keep that bait as lively as possible to catch the eye of your target fish. That’s why a quality live well can make the difference between bait with lots of movement and bait that is barely holding on. Sport Fishing magazine offers 15 tips to keep live bait lively by choosing the best live well for your fishing excursion.

There’s much more to the fine art of keeping bait alive and kicking than just having a livewell (or bait tank, as they are known on the West Coast). In these onboard life-support systems, details count big-time, particularly for delicate live baits such as anchovies, pilchards and sardines.

Photo by: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation