How To Install a Treestand

How To Install a Treestand


Treestands get you off the ground, out of sight, and offer a high vantage point for scouting wildlife. Locating a tree near a high-traffic area is important, and you must also take wind direction into account. But the most important aspect of hunting from a treestand is safety. An incident can take place even while you’re setting up or taking down your stand. The National Wild Turkey Federation tells how to safely install a treestand, and recommends a product that can help make dealing with treestands a breeze.

“Safely and quickly installing lock-on tree stands has always been a challenge. Hunter’s Specialties’ Tree Stand Setter Hoist eliminates trying to hold the stand with one hand, while securing it to the tree. The kit’s locking ratchet pulley holds the lock-on stand in place while you work. The hoist kit consists of an “L” bracket that straps to the tree, a locking ratchet pulley with 45 feet of rope, a blaze orange carrying bag and an instructional DVD.”

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Photo by: Hunter’s Specialties