New Hunting Documentary Playing This Fall

New Hunting Documentary Playing This Fall


More than two years ago, a camera crew followed three teams of hunters as they hunted mature bull elk in Colorado’s Flat Top Wilderness. The result of the crew’s month-long journey and the hunting footage they captured has now been made into a documentary hunting film.

The Trembling Giant is a feature-length film inspired by the beauty of elk camp, the passion for hunting in the rugged Rocky Mountains, and the unique connection between man, animal, and nature.

“While our team navigated the side of a 12,000-foot mountain and traveled the four-hour horseback ride to base camp, a full moon wrapped the Rocky Mountains in the most stunning light,” said Haven Anderson, Creative Director for Danner Boots. “The film came to life at that very moment, when the elk we were packing out faded from our thoughts and the beauty that surrounded flooded in. We wanted to create a film that captured that moment — a piece that is more than just about harvesting a mature bull and instead sharing how any hunt, no matter if you fill your tag or not, is a successful one.”

The Trembling Giant public screening tour, hosted by select Danner retail partners, will then travel across the Western U.S. from August 10–September 6, 2013.

Photo by: National Parks Service