Cabela’s Chameleon Camo Changes Color

Cabela’s Chameleon Camo Changes Color


Camouflage has come a long way from the blotchy green military patterns of the 1970s. A host of transitions has seen their gear match bark, leaves, twigs, and open terrain, yet Cabela’s still managed to make blending into a background interesting with its new ColorPhase technology. Better yet, it actually changes color. Holy chameleon, Batman! Here’s how it works:

Cabela’s revolutionary ColorPhase is the first camouflage clothing to be printed with rapid-change, temperature-activated dyes. In mild temperatures, these special dyes allow certain elements in the patterns to show as vivid greens that blend perfectly with early-season foliage. When temperatures drop, the greens change to browns or grays.

Under typical conditions, ColorPhase changes from warm to cold colors at approximately 65 degrees. Body heat, sunlight, moisture and wind can affect the color-change process.  ColorPhase is used exclusively in Cabela’s two new camouflage patterns: Zonz Woodlands and Zonz Western. It is available in a limited number of garments constructed of cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics.

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