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Repel Ticks and Chiggers with This Old-School Trick


If you’ll be outside this summer or early fall, you’ll probably be at risk for chigger and tick bites. Whereas the former can be a very irritable nuisance. the latter can be dangerous to your health, since the tiny deer tick is a known carrier of Lyme’s disease. Commercial sprays will repel these nasty parasites, yet so does this old-school remedy published by Craig Nyhus in the Lone Star Outdoor News. Texas has an abundance of nasty biting insects, so if it works there, you know it will work in your neck of the woods.


Chiggers and ticks are the bane of many outdoorsmen. But we have found a simple way to keep those pesky biters at bay – the sulphur sock. Read about this home remedy and how to make a quick and easy sulphur sock to keep the ticks and chiggers off of you this summer…