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Magnum Broadheads “Deep Six” the Competition


Bowhunters can enjoy added accuracy and quicker game recovery with Easton’s new Deep Six broadheads. Olympic archers and high-level competitors were once the only archers with access to ultra-micro arrows. Now reduced shank size and the corresponding reduction in arrow diameter sends the broadhead to its target faster, meaning hunters can track blood trails and recover game quicker than ever. Ammoland says the Deep Six arrows and broadheads are valuable in the field and from the tree stand.

“Deep Six is the new, smaller size insert and broadhead thread standard that enables higher performance ultra-micro diameter arrow shafts previously the exclusive territory of tournament archers. World-class competitors shoot the smallest diameter arrow that technology can afford because such arrows are less affected by the wind, and carry more kinetic energy downrange.”

Photo by: Easton Outfitters