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How To Bowhunt Giant Gators


Hunting alligators is the closest you can get to hunting a dinosaur, which is a bragging point all its own. But hunting them is one thing; bringing home a huge gator is another. With more applicants each year than there are tags available, some hunters wait many years before they’re chosen to experience the rare and thrilling opportunity to enjoy this type of hunt. If you’re lucky enough to get chosen, catch up on Field & Stream‘s article on how to bowhunt alligators before you hit the water.

“It’s dark. You’re standing at the front of a bass boat, bow in hand. And as your buddy or guide motors you into range, you see them—the orange glowing eyes of a monster alligator staring at you from just 5 yards away… at least until elk season, big-game bowhunting doesn’t get bigger than this.”

Photo by: Photo by Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

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