How to Build Your Own Deer Target

How to Build Your Own Deer Target


There are a few steps you can take when preparing for your next hunt to combat feelings of buck fever. You can watch hunting DVDs get comfortable with hunting scenarios, stay in the moment while hunting instead of allowing your mind to wander, and learn to control your nerves. As with any task, the best way to prepare is to practice often. Bill Miller explains how to build a silhouette practice target out of plywood for less than 20 bucks.

“Silhouette targets are versatile training aids. They aid in developing game spotting and range estimation skills when positioned in cover. You can set them in such a way as the deer is mostly obscured except for the opening to the vitals – a situation that’s often encountered in real hunting.

The silhouette can be used in teaching important lessons in the proper position of an animal for a shot to be taken. They can be taken to an actual stand location, just like 3-D target, and shot from your actual stand in locations where you expect to see deer during the coming season. You can position them at safe shooting locations around your property and create your own rifle golf course.”

Photo by: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department