Practice Archery Locally; Get Bowhunting-Ready


Interest in archery remains high after the 2012 summer Olympic Games and movies featuring archers as their heroines, but it isn’t just a Hollywood fad. In fact, archery programs and parks are being built and strengthened in communities nationwide. This is good news for hunting, as archery can serve as an introduction to bowhunting. Amy Hatfield of the Archery Trade Association (ATA) says its latest guide is helpful for anyone who wants to bring archery to their community.

“The Archery Park Guide is useful and addresses a practical need. Often, state and local agencies are interested in adding archery to their recreational menu, but unsure where to start. This guide gives them steps to make it happen and it allows the industry to take another step toward its long-term goal: boosting archery and bowhunting participation.

The Archery Park Guide, developed by the ATA, is the first of its kind. It offers 41 pages detailing how to build a community archery park.”

Photo by: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources