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Save the Racks and Hunt for a Cure


It’s hard to find a family that hasn’t been deeply effected by breast cancer in one way or another, and for this reason Buck Wear, leading manufacturer of clever casual wear for the outdoors-loving family, felt a calling to get out there and support the “hunt for a cure.” Although Buck Wear is best known for its funny and sometimes off-the-wall shirt slogans and designs, the company has put on its “serious hat” on to highlight this meaningful issue with its stylish new line of “Save the Racks” shirts and hoodies. It will also be donating a portion of sales from this new line to further help raise awareness of this disease that has impacted so many women across the globe.

Hunting Legends 4 088Women hunters are not only driven when it comes to their pursuits, they are passionate about finding a cure, in our lifetime,  for this important cause. Now, with Buck Wear’s new “Save the Racks” Series, any huntress can show her support in style. One of several models in the series is the Save the Racks Ribbon Deer shirt. The design of the shirt says it all, featuring a trophy buck so cleverly and carefully illustrated strictly of the iconic pink ribbon logo recognized around the globe as the symbol for the fight against breast cancer. The words Hunt for a Cure tie both passions together for a perfectly matched message of hope.