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Easy Jerky Marinades and Spices


It’s organic, gluten-free, has no additives or preservatives, is lower in fat than chicken and nearly as low in cholesterol as fish, and best of all it’s free… well, kind of.

Heartland ducks 027This near-perfect parcel of protein is, of course, venison, what the uneducated would call “deer meat.” We don’t speak of eating cow meat, pig meat, or drink cow mucus (milk), so for the record, we will speak of wild game, deer in particular, by its proper name: venison. Making jerky is one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to snack on this meat. Still have venison in the freezer from last year’s success? Jerky is a great way to enjoy the protein before it becomes freezer burned.

Hi Mountain (www.himtjerky.com) offers a wide variety of seasonings and spices and this video will demonstrate how easy making jerky can be. Scott Laysath of Hunt Fish Cook TV takes you through the steps. Bon appétit!