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How To Pick the Best Sleeping Bag


A good night’s sleep is critical to success on any outdoor hunting experience. The match between your needs and the insulation that surrounds you makes a tremendous difference. Mummy bags are great for backpacking, yet have you ever slept in a straightjacket? Down is light and warm, yet get hit by an unexpected rain storm and you might as well sleep under a rock. Duncan Jenkins, an outdoor writer from Eugene, OR, offers a very thorough selection process boiled down to just five steps. Here’s the first one:

WY Elk 2011 006“Measure yourself. Your worst decision is to get a sleeping bag that is too short. If you are over 6 feet tall, you’ll need to get a “long” sleeping bag — no matter what brand or variety you choose. You’ll also need to spend a little more, but that’s the cost for being taller than the average American. Regardless of how nice a bag is, or how well a salesperson reviews a bag, do NOT buy a short or normal length bag if you’re over 6 feet.”